Create A Positive Customer Experience With These Tips

One of the top priorities of a business is to make sure that all of the customers that are served are happy. And, it’s not just the product that can dictate if the customer is happy or not – the pre-buy, purchase and post-purchase care all matter. 

So how can you make sure that the customers always have a positive experience with your brand? 


Before people make a purchase decision, they tend to gather a lot of information, and that could be looking on social channels to see what other people have to say – or it might be by getting in touch with the company itself. 

When people head to your website, they are typically looking to browse the goods, read some more information, and potentially talk directly to you through chat. Chat is becoming one of the most used ways for people to contact a company and solve problems or make purchase decisions – but you’ll need to make sure you use the best live chat service

Who are they?

If you aren’t 100% sure who your audience is, then how you treat them isn’t going to meet the standards that they might typically expect. So, before you build any frameworks for customer services, you’ll need to have a firm understanding of how they want to be spoken to. 


Some of the best customer service experiences are when the service agent has the authority to go above and beyond for the customer. For example, sometimes a customer will have an issue with an item, and maybe they purchased it for someone who then passed away. Without a receipt and with no one to give the item – you, as a business, have two choices. 

You can refuse to issue a refund and make a difficult time harder (and the WOM from that would be awful), or you can take the item back, issue the refund and make sure that the customer remembers the compassion you showed. 

Much of the customer experience is based on emotional connection; make sure that your brand makes them and knows when to act on them too. 


If you are waiting weeks before you ask a customer for feedback, you’re really asking them to think back to a potentially five-minute snapshot of their day weeks ago. It is unlikely that the feedback will offer you anything interesting or actionable. 

But if you ask them for feedback right after the call, since they will still be in the ‘action mode’ from the conversation, you are likely to get their true feelings – good or bad, you’ll get them. 


Something that can be difficult is measuring the success of customer service – what might that look like? You’ll be looking for an increase in positive reviews on websites like Trustpilot. The feedback gathered from the post-customer service experience should show an uptick in the number of positive experiences. 
Understanding how to communicate with people through your business is also one of the most beneficial ways to see an increase in profits too, and if community building is what you are looking to do, here are some tips that will work for blogs and businesses alike: The Ultimate Blogging Guide (+ Reasons You Should Start a Blog Today!).

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