4 Ways Tech Is Making Driving Safer

Technological advancements are evident in every part of daily life, including transport. Today, many trucks and cars come with capable safety features. While these safety features are no excuse for not improving your driving skills and adhering to traffic rules, they provide an edge for enhanced safety and more peace of mind on the road. Meanwhile, recent data shows a sharp rise in road fatalities in the UK, making it essential to know more about cars’ safety features. Below are four ways technology is making driving safer. 

Reduces distractions

According to the Department for Transport, distraction and impairment were major causes of road accidents in the UK in 2020. You endanger life and property if you take your mind off the road while driving. Fortunately, technology can avert some of these distractions. For instance, some mobile apps can determine when you are driving and block all your email, text, and social media notifications. You may also be unable to send messages and post on social media when you are behind the wheel, significantly improving your focus. Some apps may notify the individual texting or emailing you that you are driving presently, so you will reach out once you park or arrive at your destination. 

Provides parking assistance 

Parking in the wrong spot can attract fines and inconvenience you and other drivers. However, many parking assists feature radar and cameras, allowing your vehicle to do all the hard work. The parking assistant can guide your steering and alert you when it detects an obstacle close to your car. This way, you focus on changing gears and applying brakes if necessary. Meanwhile, Mercedes owners can use the remote parking features on the Mercedes Me portal to improve their parking, so feel free to consider this. 

Auto braking 

Auto brake systems feature sensors, camera hardware, and radar. They usually function together with a forward collision notification to quickly and efficiently engage your brakes. The tech can be useful, especially when your detection and response may delay in dangerous driving situations. The auto brake system may use visual or audible alerts to notify you before engaging. A car with an auto braking system and collision detection can provide peace of mind your old car won’t provide. However, you can install this tech in your old vehicle for more driving safety. 

Monitors blind-spots 

Blind-spot monitoring is often connected along a car’s driver’s side or rear. It operates around the clock to detect any vehicle moving beside you. Given the vehicle and manufacturer, a standard blind-spot monitoring device may offer an audio or visual warning to notify the driver and prevent an accident. This device is useful for improving awareness to make tactical shifts to prevent a collision when converting lanes on the road. 

The above are just a few ways technology ensures safer driving. Whether you are an experienced or rookie driver, you can use these car technologies to gain more control of your auto and road safety.

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