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I’m here to help PhD students, women in tech, young professionals, and expats in London. If you resonate with any of those labels, read on!

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Are you a current or aspiring PhD or grad school student?


If you’re looking for educational and motivational content on applying for, surviving, and crushing your PhD, you’re in the right place. I’m a second-year computer science PhD student in London and am well-versed in the UK grad school application process. I also did my master’s degree in the UK at Oxford years ago. While I don’t have all the answers about doing a PhD (I haven’t finished yet!) I’ve learned a LOT from my first year and a half. I was super grateful my first year to have a mentor to show me the ropes—I’m hoping to return the favour now!

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Are you a woman looking to get into tech, thrive in the industry, or learn to code?

This site is also for women looking to transition into the tech industry. I’m proof that it’s possible—after working in policy, law, and strategy I finally made the leap into tech! I’m a largely self-taught coder—on this site I share resources for how you can get into tech yourself, learn to code, and thrive as a woman in the tech industry! There’s a massive gender gap in tech and we need more women like you—I’m here to give advice and support you in this process!

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Are you a young professional trying to figure out post-grad life?

Work-life balance

I’ve already had quite a varied career and survived working in multiple high stress, male-dominated industries. I’m here to provide guidance and support for other women in similar positions! I’ve worked in international policy for the UN (on projects involving women in tech), in law, in corporate strategy, and as a consultant. And now, I’m in tech! My goal is to provide a go-to resource for navigating the pressures and difficulties of the first few years of your professional career and generally figure out ‘real life’.

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Are you an expat living in London or are you moving to London?

I’m a perennial expat—I first moved to Switzerland from the U.S. when I was 16 to do my undergrad degree (during which I also spent time living in Costa Rica, Germany, and Spain). Since 2015, London has become my home! I’m here to share insider tips on moving to London, living in London, and lists of top restaurants, pubs, and things to do here! I also have content on becoming and thriving as an expat anywhere in the world!

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